Pritchett Environmental & Property Law, LLC is a full-service environmental law firm managed and run by Rebecca Wright Pritchett, an attorney with over 18 years' experience in environmental and natural resources law.  The firm assists a variety of clients with regulatory compliance, enforcement actions, and civil litigation in all aspects of environmental and natural resources law.  We represent businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to sole proprietorships, nonprofit organizations, trusts and estates, governmental entities, individuals and trade associations in litigation, regulatory and transactional matters.  We also routinely associate with other attorneys and national firms as outside counsel, forming a team to further the interest of clients with environmental legal issues nationwide .

Rebecca has extensive experience in water quality, water rights, municipal water supply, wetland and coastal zone issues, hazardous waste and solid waste issues, mineral rights, brownfield redevelopment, brownfield economic incentives, financing purchases of contaminated property, and due diligence investigations.  She also has experience in the areas of air quality, insecticides, fungicides, endangered species and wildlife law. In addition to environmental law, she also has significant experience in the areas of public contracts, open meeting laws, construction contracts, construction litigation, eminent domain, real property, governmental affairs, lobbying, political action committees, forestry, operations security and ecoterrorism issues, giving her a broad framework for providing solutions to environmental problems.  She is a registered lobbyist in the State of Alabama .

A t Pritchett Environmental & Property Law, we understand the unique environmental challenges our clients face, and we apply our knowledge of state, federal, administrative and municipal law to achieve creative outcomes that solve our clients’ issues while achieving their business objectives.  We provide personal service to our clients, helping them to understand the complexities of the environmental laws and regulations, and putting those laws into the context of our clients' business transactions.  Our personalized practice makes Pritchett Environmental & Property Law, LLC a leader in environmental law in Alabama and the Southeast .

Our clients are assured of personal attention.  We gain our clients' trust by keeping the lines of communication open and by explaining the environmental laws in plain English.  We keep their trust by consistently delivering innovative solutions that work for their businesses and by conducting business honorably, with the highest standards of ethical conduct .